Welcome to the online home of THRIVE, the Young Alumni Network of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc.


Increase young alumni participation to expand the reach of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc.



  • Serve as a guide and resource for pre-alumni and recent graduates.
  • Offer professional development opportunities.
  • Contribute to the overall mission of JSUNAA


Why is THRIVE unique?

THRIVE is not bound by geographic location. No matter where young alumni members reside, you benefit from a peer network designed to encourage involvement in the alumni association through opportunities to mentor students and recent grads, participate in professional development events and enjoy valuable discounts and benefits. If you are under age 42, this community is for you!

In this new generation of millennial Tiger pride, as the home of your young alumni network, we now stand together working to ensure the continuity of our legacy as Professionals, Scholars and Entrepreneurs. 2018, we are coming to a city near you as we serve. #God #Family #JSU.



Courtney Rutledge, President - 07'
Caramu Cunning, First Vice President - 03'
Georgvell Christian, Second Vice President - 05'
Larry Bender, Treasurer - 06'
Damarcus Haywood, Financial Secretary - 08'
Barbara Simon, Secretary - 07'
James E. Lehaman, Assistant Secretary - 11'
Jerry Zigler, Parliamentarian - 07' & 09'
David Kennebrew, Chaplain - 07'
Shannon S. Watkins, Engagement Director - 10'
Sherie Dean, Public Relations Coordinator - 07'
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THRIVE Constitution/Bylaws

“You saw a need and you chose to fill it. You saw a gap and decided to stand in it.”

Recognizing that the Young Alumni demographic has been consistently and noticeably underrepresented within the Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc., THRIVE was established as a means to connect Young Alumni back to the Association and also bridge the gap with current students. The name of the group was born out of the desire to pay homage to past JSU President, Dr. John Peoples and his book “To Survive and Thrive”.