Chapter Report Submission Guidelines


How to Submit the Chapter Report Form

For Chapter Compliance and Eligibility in the Chapter Awards Selection Process

Completing the Chapter Report Form
Reporting Period: July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

Include the total number of National Life and Regular. Do not include members who are only paying local chapter dues. Include the approximate number of identified alumni in your area.

Chapter Awards will also be based upon chapter membership as reported in the previous year. The following are the membership categories that will be utilized to evaluate each chapter’s activities:

Category A 100 members and above
Category B 60-99 members
Category C 35-59 members
Category D 34 members and below

Indicate the various ways that you communicate with your alumni including e-mail, website, phone, newsletter, etc.

Enhancements (Provide documentation)

If available, be sure to include a copy of:

  1. Calendar of Events that was developed and disseminated
  2. Strategic Plan that was developed and disseminated
  3. Chapter Directory that was published and disseminated

Major Activities Held during the Reporting Period-Provide descriptions and details associated with the activity.

  1. Fundraising
  2. Community Involvement/Public Relations
  3. Student Recruitment


Student Recruitment

  1. Number of student recruitment sessions held (high schools, churches, etc.).
  2. Number of students participating in recruitment session who actually visited by recruitment table or completed a card of interest for JSU
  3. Number of students brought to the University for recruitment purposes
  4. Number of student receptions held


Financial Contributions (Must be submitted with chapter report).

  1. Chapter assessment  ($100.00)
  2. Regional assessment ($100.00)
  3. Scholarships to students who are not going through the JSU Development Office or the JSU Fellows Foundation
  4. Funds sent to the JSU Fellows Foundation, the Alumni Association, or the JSU Development Office (Please specify and send attached copies of documentation of all contributions, i.e., letters to the Office of Development, the Office of Alumni and Constituency Relations, etc.)


Balance Brought Forward from Previous Year

  1. Indicate the balance brought forward July 1, 2017.
  2. Indicate the balance brought forward June 30, 2018.  (This amount should include operational expenses only, as outlined in Article 9 of the By-Law. Excess amount must be donated to the University or the Association. (Please submit a copy of your year-end financial report and bank statements).


Chapter Challenge

The Chapter Challenge is based on two components: 1) Membership and 2) Fundraising.  Each chapter should have met or exceeded its challenge during the reporting period in order to be considered for an award in these two areas.


Report Requirements for Consideration of a Chapter Award:

  1. Complete your chapter report form thoroughly.
  2. Remember!  To be eligible for entry in the chapter awards selection process, all chapter reports must be submitted via the online process by Sunday, July 15, 2018 (midnight).

If you have any questions regarding the completion of your report, please email the Awards Committee at gro.a1537322855anusj1537322855@sdra1537322855wa1537322855.