A native of D’Iberville, MS, Sharon M. Davis is a 1993 graduate of JSU with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  Sharon was nominated for Alumnus of the Year because of her unwavering commitment and devotion to Jackson State University and the National Alumni Association. Ms. Davis is an active member of the Greater Washington, DC Area Chapter and a life member of JSUNAA.

Professionally, Sharon has worked several years for the state and federal government, and is currently employed as an Associate Director for Internal Communications.  In this role, she serves on the senior leadership team and is responsible for all internal communications for over 1,700 staff members.

Sharon is actively involved in the association on the national and local levels where she has held several leadership positions. At the local level, she currently serves as Treasurer and Chair of the Scholarship Fundraising Committee. She previously served two terms as Chapter President and is the incoming 2017-2019 President. Nationally, she has served as past secretary and currently serves as the JSUNAA Reporter where she coordinates the alumni communication regarding University and JSUNAA news and events. As Chair of the Public and University Relations committee, Ms. Davis manages the content for the www.jsunaa.org website and as well as the database used to send all nationwide correspondence. She also supports the secretary in preparing all communication to the JSUNAA Executive Board and chapter presidents. Sharon assisted in the development of the new JSUNAA logo and was part of the Strategic Planning Committees for 2012-2015 and 2015-2018.

Sharon is often the person behind the scenes, working quietly to ensure that things are running smoothly. She can be seen managing logistics, making certain that handouts are professionally tailored and operating the audio visual equipment at national meetings. In addition to her work with JSUNAA, she is also on the Executive Board of the Washington, DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance, Inc. where she is the Corresponding Secretary.

It is said we invest our time and money where our heart is and Sharon’s investments are infinite! In addition to lending her time and talent, Sharon is a strong financial supporter of the University and has been recognized for her donations by the JSU Development Foundation. At the National level, Ms. Davis actively participated in several fundraisers such as the JSUNAA custom tennis shoe fundraiser and the Biennial Black Tie Scholarship and Recognition Gala. At the local level, Ms. Davis chaired the annual Scholarship Dinner Dance and later co-founded the TJAM (Tougaloo, JSU, ASU and MVSU) Annual Scholarship Gala. This collaboration of resources helped to reduce expenses and raise more money for the chapter’s scholarship fund at the JSU Development Foundation. She also led the effort on the establishment of the Greater Washington DC chapter’s endowment fund.

Whether she is serving in an official position or going beyond the call of duty to help wherever she is needed, her efforts are limitless.  Ms. Davis willingly accepts every opportunity to present and portray Jackson State University, the National Alumni Association and the Greater Washington, DC Area Alumni Chapter in a positive and professional manner.
Sharon M. Davis is the quintessential alumna, unselfishly contributing her time and monetary resources, locally and nationally and is quite deserving of the title of the 2017 JSUNAA Alumnus of the Year.