How to Update Your Address and Phone Number Online



Jackson State University alumni can now update your address and phone number via the Jackson State University PAWS portal. An alumnus must have a J-number to make updates in PAWS. To obtain a J-number, alumni may contact the Alumni & Constituency Relations Department at (601) 979-2281.

How to Change Your Address and/or Phone Number in PAWS:

If you are an alumnus of JSU and already in Banner with a J-number, you should visit  and click on (P.A.W.S.) at the top of the page.

  1. Select Alumni and Friends.
  2. Login ID: This is the J# assigned by the University
  3. PIN: Enter the six digit date of birth. (Example: 011585 for January 15, 1985).
  4.  If an authorization failure occurs, contact Alumni and Constituency Relations at  601.979.2281.
  5. If successful, you will be prompted to enter a security question. Fill in the top only, remove any text from OR boxes.
  6. Once completed, it should bring you to your page.
  7. Select the Alumni and Friends tab, then Communications, then Update Addresses and Phones. Note: Addresses also show under the Personal Information tab and can be accessed there.
  8. Under Alumni Home, select Current to update.
  1. If Alumni Home does not display, find Type of Address to insert (see below on the screen); use the drop down in Select, choose Alumni Home, click Submit. Complete the form and click Submit.

You may change your address or phone number in the University PAWS system as often as you like and are encouraged to make the change immediately after moving to a new residence. This effort will enable the Division of Institutional Advancement to maintain a more accurate database for Jackson State University and the JSU National Alumni Association, Inc.