2018 Election of Officers and Board Members


February 24, 2018
Campaigning period begins

March 26, 2018
Paper ballots and candidate information mailed to members who submitted a request for a Paper ballot

April 1 – 5, 2018
Electronic voting opens (sometime within this timeframe)

April 12, 2018
Electronic voting closes/Campaigning period ends  at 11:59 p.m. Central time
Deadline to return paper ballots (postmark date)

April 18 – 22, 2018
Candidates notified of election results

April 30, 2018
Election results posted on web site, sent out via e-mail blast, and mailed to paper ballot voters


2018 Candidate Information

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Name: Dr. Derek C. Henson
Year of Graduation: B. A. 1991 and PhD 2009
Major: BA: Political Science / PhD: Urban Higher Education
Local Chapter: Memphis, TN

Name: Earlexia M. Norwood, M.D.
Year of Graduation: 1984
Major: Biology Pre-Med
Local Chapter: Detroit
1st Vice President

Name: Tarita Benson Davis
Year of Graduation: 1985
Major: Accounting
Local Chapter: Houston Area Alumni Chapter

Name: Floyd Williams, Jr.
Year of Graduation: 1982
Major: Marketing
Local Chapter: Jackson- Hinds
2nd Vice President

Name: Dr. Albert J. Holmes, Jr.
Year of Graduation: 1990
Major: Political Science Bachelor of Science Degree
Local Chapter: Chicago Alumni Chapter

Name: Sedric D. Myers
Year of Graduation: 1991
Major: Industrial Technology
Local Chapter: Houston

Name: Vera Banks Watson
Year of Graduation: 1972 & 1976
Major: Social Science Education
Local Chapter: Jackson-Hinds
No Candidate
Assistant Secretary

Name: Brendolyn Hart-Glover
Year of Graduation: 1992
Major: Business Administration
Local Chapter: Chicago Alumni Chapter

Name: Katherine Cage
Year of Graduation: 1985
Major: Accounting
Local Chapter: Houston Area
Financial Secretary

Name: Damarcus Haywood
Year of Graduation: 2008
Major: Biology
Local Chapter: Dallas-Fort Worth
Farwest Regional Vice President
No Candidate
Midwest Regional Vice-President

Name:Michael Jefferson
Year of Graduation: 1987
Major: Political Science/Pre-Law
Local Chapter: Indianapolis
Midwest Regional Board Member

Name: Larry Cameron
Year of Graduation: 1980, 1982, 1994
Major: Finance; M.B.A., Graduate Degree in Banking
Local Chapter: Greater Cincinnati

Name: Annette Houston Johnson
Year of Graduation: 1971
Major: Sociology, Minor Social Work
Local Chapter: Chicago Chapter

Mississippi Regional Vice President

Name: Gwendolyn Davis-Washington
Year of Graduation: 2011
Major: Criminal Justice
Local Chapter: Jackson-Hinds Chapter

Name: Patrease Edwards
Year of Graduation: 1999 & 2008
Major: Social Science & Special Education
Local Chapter: Byram-Terry
Mississippi Regional Board Member

Name: Rosie Jimerson Harper
Year of Graduation: 1978, 1996, 2000. 2003
Major: Business Administration B.A., Education Administration & Supervision M.S.Ed., Guidance and Counseling Ed.S, Educational Administration/Counseling Ph.D.
Local Chapter: Jackson - Hinds Alumni Chapter

Name: Bobbie J. Wilson
Year of Graduation: 1975 & 1983
Major: Business Education
Local Chapter: Jackson-Hinds
Northeast Regional Vice-President

Name: Henry L. Stovall, Jr.
Year of Graduation: 1972
Major: Mathematics
Local Chapter: Southeastern Virginia Alumni

Northeast Regional Board Member

Name: Vernon Ross, Jr.
Local Chapter: Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter
Southeast Regional Vice-President

Name: Audrey Lynn Fullilove
Years of Graduation: 1975, 1978, 1988
Major: Business
Local Chapter: Memphis

Name: Dominic R. Jefferson
Year of Graduation: 1987
Major: Computer Science Math
Local Chapter: Metro Atlanta

Name: Jerry (Jay) Zigler
Year of Graduation: 2007 & 2009
Major: Mass Communications & Marketing
Local Chapter: Metro Charlotte
Southeast Regional Board Member

Name: Sylvester Taylor
Year of Graduation: 1984
Major: Finance
Local Chapter: Metro Atlanta Chapter
Southwest Regional Vice-President

Name: Je'Juan Gray
Year of Graduation: 2009
Major: Business Administration
Local Chapter: Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Name: Larry C. Shaw
Year of Graduation: 1980
Major: Mathematics
Local Chapter: Houston Area
Southwest Regional Board Member

Name: Larry Howard Bender
Year of Graduation: 2006
Major: Accounting
Local Chapter: Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter

Name: Dennis L. Bowman
Year of Graduation: 1981
Major: Accounting
Local Chapter: Houston, TX

It’s almost that time again!

The JSUNAA 2018 Election of Officers and Board Members will be here before you know it!
Click here for the complete nominations and election timeline of events.

Election Announcements

Membership dues must be paid to the National Alumni Association by
December 31, 2017 to participate in the election process.

Running for an office?

Click here to review eligibility requirements and campaigning guidelines.
Click here to learn about the positions that will be on the ballot.
Please note the campaigning period will take place from February 24, 2018 and end on April 12, 2018.

What’s to come?

 “Step into YOUR JSUNAA Leadership Role”
 Where do you fit in? Prepare for your future JSUNAA leadership role!
Learn about the duties, responsibilities and expectations of the elected positions of JSUNAA.
January 2018

Initial Election Correspondence

 Correspondence will only be mailed to national dues paying members as of December 31, 2017.
Mailing will include Nomination and Election Timeline, Nominee Verification Form (self-nominations only) and form to request a paper ballot.
 January 2018

“Take it to the People” Candidates’ Forum

 Make an informed decision about YOUR leaders! Plan to attend the 2018 Mid-Winter Conference
and hear from the JSUNAA candidates for principal officers and regional board members.
 February, 2018